Cirque Du Salahi

Be Careful Who You Trust

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Release Date: September 9, 2010
Pages: 200
ISBN13: 978-1439273296


Cirque Du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust” tells the INSIDE STORY of Michaele and Tareq Salahi — the never before revealed details of what happened before, during, and after their November 2009 appearance at the Obama administration’s first state dinner.

This journalistic autopsy reveals how one event can capture a ravenous media’s attention, become the fodder for bogus political drama, and with razor-sharp and misplaced attention, ruin the reputation of a politically connected couple who did little more than attend a White House function for which they believed they had an invitation.

Make no mistake. The copycat journalism surrounding the Salahis, which resulted in headlines like, “White House Gate Crashers Investigated, Likely to be Indicted,” could happen to any citizen who stumbles into the eye of a media storm. But this book is about more than what happens when the unsuspecting find themselves in the crosshairs of the national media. It reveals the truth about Michaele and Tareq Salahi: where they came from; what shaped their personalities; what obstacles they overcame; and what motivates them to do what they do. It is, quite simply, the background of the story heard ’round the world and how this couple, from the tiny town of Hume, Virginia, was able to survive the onslaught.

What happened to the Salahis is much more than any reality television show could capture. The true story about this couple should serve as a mirror held up to the media to point out the disturbing trend of overreaction from trimmed-to-the-bone newsrooms and the sensationalization of often non-consequential stories. It also offers a wake-up call to Americans who believe that their news sources of choice are still trustworthy, when in reality they are often simply parroting the poorly researched work of others.

The reader will be left wondering what ever happened to good journalism but not wondering what really happened that night at the White House.


Once Michaele and Tareq Salahi got caught in the savage media vortex and were branded the White House “Party Crashers,” they became targets of a metastatic brand of scrutiny that no mortal could survive. Were the Salahis social climbers who rightly earned some tweaks of ridicule? Of course, but they have endured a flaying usually reserved for serial killers, not the uninvited.

Veteran investigative reporter Diane Dimond is uniquely qualified to flip the camera around to examine the proverbial town square where we Americans stone our witches – especially those who commit the crime of getting caught engineering their own exposure. Dimond discovers that the Salahis’ punishment was done under the chin-scratching banner of journalism, but shows that there was something sociopathic about the viciousness of their takedown and why consumers and retailers of what poses as “news” shouldn’t be let off the hook so fast.

Cirque Du Salahi is a riveting slice of contemporary anthropology.

—Eric Dezenhall, CEO, Dezenhall Resources, Ltd., Author of Damage Control

“This work is chock full of FASCINATING truths about the Salahis and the sad state of sensationalist journalism -- combined with the sometimes dangerous phenomenon of "reality television!" Diane Dimond presents the full picture of, well, not just what happened one fateful night but, rather, how once-respected reporters now pander to simple folks in search of the simple truth! Not to mention the incredible, and often cruel, lengths that these very popular television shows go to grab interest!!! It's a sad commentary on MANY levels, making it a MUST read for truth-seekers everywhere!!”
Fran Weinstein, television producer (Ret.)

“In Cirque du Salahi, Diane Dimond reveals the real life figures behind these pop culture cardboard villains. Dimond's journalistic prose takes you on their journey from individuals to wildly successful and popular married couple to shunned pariahs and adds depth and substance to a sensational story that was woefully incomplete. Dimond reveals the couple as people not caricatures, flaws and all. Cirque du Salahi evokes in the reader of sense of sympathy, empathy and more importantly, a greater understanding that Michaele and Tareq are not the socialite Bonnie and Clyde so many people apparently believe them to be. Don't rely on what you think you know, because you've only gotten part of the story.”
Jim Moret, Attorney and Broadcaster

“Diane shoots to the root of what we've all known (but were too afraid to admit), the Salahi's were essentially a scapegoat for the ridiculous lack of security in the Whitehouse, and were thrown under the bus… I read the book and found it incredibly compelling with a great deal of insight. It was actually an amazing read.”

“It is a super interesting read, really fast and quite entertaining. I highly recommend it.”
Dottie Randazzo


Independent interview by “Reader of Everything” on Dimond’s book “Cirque Du Salahi.”