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Diane wrote a Creators Syndicate crime and justice column for 14 years. Click here to read her past columns.

Diane has written a multitude of long form articles for various publications. (See: Guardianship Central page). For many years she freelanced for The Daily Beast, covering all manner of crime and justice issues and criminal trials. Here is a sampling of her work, grouped in alphabetized categories

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Jury Selection Circus Begins-May 5, 2011
Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Tears on the First Day – May 9, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial: Murder Defense Bombshells-May 12, 2011
Murder Defendant Casey Anthony’s Multiple Personalities-May 17, 2011
Casey Anthony Jury Will See photo of Caylee’s Skull, Remains-May 22, 2011
Casey Anthony Bombshell Opening Arguments: Accidents, Incest & Cover-Ups-May 24, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial: First Week Ends With Riveting Details, and Lies -May 29, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial: Mother Points a Finger at Her Daughter-June 1, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial: The Accused Killer Speaks-June 3, 2011
Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Did the Prosecution Prove Its Case? – June 14, 2011
Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Roommate Tracy Conroy Tells All -June 22, 2011 Casey Anthony’s Dysfunctional Lawyer, Jose Baez -June 26, 2011
Who is the Father of Casey Anthony’s Dead Toddler?-June 28, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial: Why Casey Didn’t Testify-July 1, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial: Her Fate Now in Jury’s Hands-July 4, 2011
Casey Anthony Jail Release: Her Dangerous New World-July 16, 2011
Casey Anthony’s Video Diary: Who Released It? – Jan 9, 2012
Is Casey Anthony Hiding in Palm City, Florida?-Jan.18, 2012
Casey Anthony Jurors Fear Threats After Identities Revealed October 25-Oct. 23, 2011

(Real Housewife) Taylor Armstrong

Russell & Taylor Armstong’s Business Associates, Friends on Financial Legal Troubles-Sept 15, 2011
Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Tells All. Or Does She? – Feb. 7, 2012

John Edwards

Edwards Sex Tape Details-Mar.14, 2010
John Edwards’ Other Women-Mar. 16, 2010
Edwards to Testify About Sex Tape-April 23, 2010
John Edwards: His Secret Life-June 16, 2010
New Clues in the John Edwards Case -Oct. 7, 2010
John Edwards Heads to Court-April 20, 2012
John Edwards’s “Newsweek” Defense -April 23, 2012
It’s Not John’s Fault!-April 23, 2012
Edwards Staffer Andrew Young Offers Shocking Testimony About His Boss-April 24, 2012
Andrew Young’s Crucifixion Begins as the Edwards Defense Team Pounces-April 25, 2012 Andrew Young Lashes Out at Edwards’s Defense Attorney During Cross-Examination-April 28, 2012
Cheri Young Tells the Edwards Jury of Her Ordeal-May 1, 2012
Cheri Young, the ‘Steel Magnolia’ of the Edwards Trial, Shoves Back -May 1, 2012
Ex-Staffer Claims That Elizabeth Edwards Knew About John’s Infidelity-May 2, 2012
Edwards Staffers Keep Spilling Secrets in Day 9 of Testimony-May 3, 2012
The Man Who Confronted Edwards About His Dangerous Infidelity Game-May 4, 2012
Witness Testifies He Took Rielle Hunter to an Airport in the Dead of  Night-May 7, 2012
Anatomy of John Edwards’s Admission: His Former Speechwriter Speaks-May 8, 2012
‘That’s Their Case?!’ Says Startled John Edwards as Prosecutors Announce Final Witnesses-May 9, 2012
The Prosecution Rests: Trial Now in Edwards Defense Team’s Hands -May 10, 2012
John Edwards’s Defense Begins With a Rocky Start -May 14, 2012
Is the Edwards Defense Team Losing It? -May 15, 2012
John Edwards’ Defense Rests After Just Over Two Days of Underwhelming Testimony-May 16, 2012
Jury Gets the Edwards Case: Deliberations to Begin Friday-May 17, 2012
John Edwards Jury Deliberations Stretch into Day Six-May 24, 2012
The John Edwards Verdict Waiting Game-May 26, 2012
John Edwards Trial Watch: A Damning Twitter Trail-May 29, 2012
John Edwards Verdict: Why Johnny Walked on a Mistrial-May 31, 2012

Michael Jackson

It’s Getting Even Weirder – Aug. 5, 2009
The Jackson 8’s Family Feud – Aug. 13, 2009
Michael’s Foreverland – Aug. 31, 2009
Jackson Family Civil War – Sept. 13, 2009
Don’t Be Fooled-This Isn’t It-Oct. 31, 2009
The Feds’ Jackson Whitewash-Dec. 28, 2009
Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s Longtime Physician, Courts Substance-Abuse Allegations-Aug. 25, 2011
Michael Jackson-Conrad Murray Manslaughter Jury Won’t see Some Key Evidence-Sept. 25, 2011
Michael Jackson Trial: Shocking Testimony About Conrad Murray Actions-Sept. 30, 2011
Michael Jackson Trial: Propofol, Pills & Conrad Murray-Oct. 12, 2011
Michael Jackson Trial Verdict: Conrad Murray Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter – Nov.7, 2012
Conrad Murray Gets Maximum as Judge Blasts His ‘Reckless’ Conduct – Nov. 29, 2011
Michael Jackson Dermatologist Arnold Klein Under Investigation– Dec. 5, 2011
Michael Jackson’s Rabbi is Running for Congress – Mar. 17, 2012
Joe Jackson’s Life as a Family Pariah – Dec. 03, 2012
Inside the Latest Michael Jackson Trial – The One With the $40 Billion on the Line – Apr. 01, 2013
Behind the Michael Jackson Bombshell: How a Staunch Defender Suddenly Flipped – May 09, 2013
The Story Behind the Latest Michael Jackson Bombshell – July 1, 2013
Sorry, Mrs. Jackson: How the King of Pop’s Mother Lost Her Billion-Dollar Lawsuit – Oct. 2, 2013
Gavin Arvizo’s Happy Ending: Jackson Abuse Accuser Gets Married at 24 – Dec. 9, 2013. Exclusive: Michael Jackson Hit With New Sex Abuse Claim – May 12, 2014.

David Petraeus

Paula Broadwell: Is She Petraeus’s ‘Other Woman’? – Nov. 10, 2012David Petraeus: A Good General Is a Terrible Thing to Waste – Nov. 18, 2012

Quaid Chronicles

Hollywood’s Train Wreck Continues-Nov 17, 2009
Hollywood’s Nightmare Couple-Sept. 28, 2009

Salahi’s: White House Gate Crashers?

White House Crashers Score TV Deal-Mar. 25, 2010
Inside the Salahi Split: Michaele Leaves Tareq For Journey Guitarist Neal Schon-Sept 15, 2012
Michaele Salahi, Neal Schon, Tareq Salahi: “I won!” Schon says -Sept 19, 2011
Michaele and Tareq Salahi’s Hellish Divorce -Jan. 4, 2012
Tareq Salahi’s New Troubles – Mar. 7, 2012
Tareq Salahi’s $50M Suit Against Michaele, (Neal) Schon, Journey Thrown Out-April 10, 2012

Jerry Sandusky

The Sandusky Sexual Abuse Case’s Biggest Mysteries-June 5, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day One: The Defense Reveals Its Strategy-June 11, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Two: Mike McQueary Takes the Stand – June12, 2012 Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Three: The Defense Gets Steamrolled – June13, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Four: ‘Was Mrs. Sandusky Home?’ -June 14, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial: The Defense’s Risky Psych Defense-June 17, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Five: Sandusky’s Defense Flails-June 18, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Six: Dottie Defends Her Man -June 19, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Seven: Sandusky’s Last Mile-June 20, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Eight: Adopted Son Drops a Bombshell – June 21, 2012
Did Jerry Sandusky Molest His Son Matt? – June 22, 2012
Sandusky Guilty Verdict: What’s Next for Jerry-June 22, 2012
The Untold Drama of the Jerry Sandusky Trial-June 25, 2012
Penn State’s Hidden Victims -July 11, 2012
Freeh Report: The Fallout for Penn State-July 12, 2012
Penn State’s Next Battle: More Sandusky Accusers Come Forward – July 17, 2012
Graham Spanier: Penn State’s Next Indictment? – Aug.24, 2012
Sandusky’s Back for His Sentencing-and Facing More Accusers – Oct. 08, 2012
Sandusky Sentenced to 30 to 60 Years: Inside the Courtroom – Oct.09, 2012
Sandusky Lawyer Reveals Appeal Plan – Oct.11, 2012
New Penn State Indictments: What Took So Long? – Nov. 02, 2012
A Sandusky Retrial? Lawyers Ask For Another Try – Jan. 10, 2013
NBC’s Jerry Sandusky Debacle – Mar. 26, 2013
Jerry Sandusky’s Son Matt on the Brink of Settling With Penn State – August 18, 2013 Penn State’s $60M Payout, Penn State Pays Up-and Will Likely Pay Up Again – Oct. 28, 2013

Misc. Articles

John Mark Karr: After a JonBenet Confession, are their other secrets?-June 1, 2010
Web Black Market in Diabetic Supplies costs Government $200M – Mar.11, 2012
Young America Wants Stephen Colbert as Face of Its Jobs Movement – April 2, 2012
George Zimmerman Has a New Lawyer-April 12, 2012
Did Nancy Lanza Handle Her Guns Responsibly? ‘You’ll Be Surprised,’ Police Spokesman Says – Jan 07, 2013
Max Factor Heir Andrew Luster: My Lawyer Made Me Do It – Feb. 09, 2013