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It is remarkably easy for anyone to file a petition with the court to guardianize another person. And the intended target (and their family) might never know what is happening in this mostly secretive system until it is too late. Further, it is nearly impossible to escape from a guardianship or conservatorship once a judge has established a case.

It is a court system that has truly run amok, a system in which you or someone you love can be declared an “incapacitated ward-of-the-court” and be automatically stripped of all civil rights. Loyal relatives are often pushed aside and a total stranger can be appointed as the guardian who will decide every aspect of the ward’s life. Their money and property are confiscated, they suddenly have no control over where they live, who they can visit with, where they can travel and they no longer have the right to vote. All their plans for the future are rendered moot. Oh, and they might be involuntarily overmedicated to ensure compliance.

This page is designed to help families navigate this secretive and confusing court system – beginning with these three links:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Glossary - What do all those guardianship terms mean?

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The Pitfalls of Senior Guardianship with Diane Dimond, Specifically for Seniors Podcast, October 3, 2023


“Shattered Lives” with Donna and Delilah, Inside Lenz Network
This is a sort of walk down “career memory lane.” I was especially grateful to be able to discuss my elder guardianship investigation with Donna and Delilah. We also talked about how crime victims feel about journalists’ reports on their tragedies, other notable cases I’ve covered and a lot more. Listen

Long Form Articles

One of Diane's earliest works on guardianship was an award-winning six part series in the Albuquerque Journal. It resulted in the New Mexico legislature passing several new laws to reform the system. Read it here ...

In 2019, Diane investigated the case of Dr. Lillie White of Florida. An estranged granddaughter living in another state suddenly appeared and guardianized her wealthy grandmother. What followed was heartbreaking, as reported at

Lillie White fought against her unwanted guardianship for 8 long years. For the last four years she was hidden away by her court appointee and none of her extended family knew where she was. She died alone. Now, her sister speaks about what abusive guardianship can do to the ward’s families.