The Nationwide Problem of Court-Sponsored Elder Abuse

I had no idea the enormity of the nation’s elder guardianship problem…This is the second of three columns on this topic. I recently wrote about the plight of 94-year-old Betty Winstanley, who resides at the Masonic Village retirement home in Elizabethtown, PA. She doesn’t want to live there anymore. Now that her husband of 72…

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Rape Matters – Catching Rapists Does Too


So get this. Top justice officials have figured out a way to make the bad guys finance programs that help solve crimes. It’s such a unique solution to a long standing problem that I just have to share. The District Attorney’s office in Manhattan – a jurisdiction that includes one of the preeminent financial centers…

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Is Football Worth Damaging the Brain?

It was the admission that made every parent of every kid who wants to play football gasp. The question from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky was simple. “Do you think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like CTE?”

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Terrorists Need Another “Shock and Awe”

Another week, another deadly terrorist attack, this time in Brussels. The aftershocks heightened security across Europe and here in the US. Understanding why Muslim extremists continue to kill innocents and what they are likely planning for the future can best predicted by someone who used to live, eat and pray among them.

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Public Enemy #1 – The iPhone?


In this corner – the FBI – which says that all high tech company Apple cares about is protecting its mega-profits brand and not the nation’s security. And in that corner – Apple – which says the feds will put everyone’s privacy in jeopardy if a court forces them to disable password protection on the…

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First Identify What You’re Fighting, Right?


Law enforcement needs to know what it doesn’t know. Tracking trends in crime is a way to keep communities safe. Any decision made is only as good as the information used to make it, right? I submit the same holds true when figuring out how to fight crime. Since the 1930’s the FBI has urged…

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