First Britney, Now Cher’s Son?

Guardianship or conservatorship can affect any family, but the prime targets are those with an attractive amount of money. However, the media tends to focus primarily on high profile cases involving celebrities. Case in point: Cher’s attempt in early 2024 to place her habitually drug addicted son, Elijah Blue Allman, under conservatorship.

As I wrote in an earlier Substack post, I sincerely hope Cher has been fully informed about the downside to court intervention. While she seeks the legal status to control her son’s trust fund money (and presumably his life) does she realize that if the court grants her request she may not be named as conservator. The judge may decide there is too much family animosity and appoint an outside professional conservators. That means Cher could very well be ostracized from her son — perhaps permanently because court appointees have an enormous amount of power. I discussed the case with my pal, Ashleigh Banfield, on her NewsNation program January 5, 2024 after Cher lost the first round in court.

While the court takes its time deciding just what to do with Cher’s request I’m left wondering how Elijah Blue will fare in the interim. His claim that he is “three months sober” and that he is “going to AA meetings” may or may not be true. He appeared well groomed and healthy during his court appearance but was it for real or just for show?  I’m following this case. Next hearing is at the end of January 2024.


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